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Musical Acoustics studies the most technical aspects of musical phenomena. For example, the physical-mathematical study of scales, classical and modern laws of harmony and counterpoint, the construction of instruments, musical psychology, which, can be included in the specialty known as Psychoacoustics. Also, the laws of Acoustics applied to the design of concert halls, recording studios, etc.
Currently, we can include in this branch of knowledge, electroacoustic devices related to music recording and reproduction, etc. For example, electroacoustic sensors, which allow transforming the musical mechanical vibrations of instruments into an electrical signal. In fact, we can say that the design of vibration sensors and their applications in Industry and, above all, Music, has been one of our most important activities.

Musical acoustics and us
Our work in the world of Acoustics in general and Musical Acoustics in particular comes from afar. In collaboration with a company from Barcelona, On May 18, 1988 we presented the patent, (link) "Cápsula microfónica" .

Over time many types of microphone capsules have been invented, our new model was specially designed to withstand the more extreme conditions weather as well as high-intensity shocks and vibrations. All this while maintaining a correct frequency response and standard impedance outlet.
After carrying out the first designs and field tests in Barcelona, another company, this time located in Japan, was in charge of the physical construction of the our first spanish barium titanate/lead zirconate cells following our guidelines.
Since that date, and starting from the basic design, we have continued to develop increasingly sophisticated, compact and efficient transducers, (link) "see an example" , whose applications range from locating vibrations in motorized machinery manufacturing processes to specific designs for the reproduction of the human voice and musical instruments. Also, we have applied other concepts in acoustic reproduction designing alternatives for the equipment of stereo & spatial reproduction" and other types of (link) "dinamic transducers" for the voice and music.

Rivel. Acústica Musical. Barcelona