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Live technology

Musical pickups tests
Electroaoustic tests performed with TAV pickups using some musical instruments.

Electrifying the Music
The electrification of musical instruments is now a common practice for many musicians.
TAV Pickups
Some examples of using the TB88/CR pickup for acoustic, classical guitar, lute, sitar, sarod, banjo, greek lyre, hang drum. Also, other oriental and western string and percussion instruments, Excellent sound quality, as you can test in the following videos:

Electronics and percussion. (Musicians: Joe Traxx, Roger Andreu.).

Cosmos Empordà
An electro percussion experiment carried out with the aid of the Jordi Rallo percussionist and Roger Andreu violin.

Amplify the violin
One of our first violin electrification experiments, with and classic model.

Amplify the plucked string
From classical guitar to lute, sitar and other similar instruments.

More about Sound and Music

De Boer (USA), in the forties years of the XX century, was a pioneer in using an artificial head to record sound.

Aquesta és una petita introducció al cap artificial Claudia Rivel i HRTF en català, en aquest moment en construcció. (link)

The hearing and HRTF (With Claudia Rivel).
Detailed study of localization by ear and HRTF. (Musicians: Joe Traxx, Roger Andreu.).

The impedance matching
As is common knowledge, any electrical device that delivers a voltage at its output can be represented as an ideal generator, without losses,put in series with an impedance Zi (impedance or internal resistance of the device). We also know that the input of an amplifier or other electrical device presents a certain impedance value Ze ...

La route de Marrakech (Maghreb music electrified)
Yes, Maghreb music in the european style. This time, we have installed piezo pickups in most of the instruments used. (Musicians: Joe Traxx, Roger Andreu.).

Piezoelectric discs
If you want to achieve the highest quality in your electrified musical instrument, to use a standard piezoelectric disk is not the best option. The truth is that, in this specific case, it is better to invest a little more money to fully enjoy your electrified instrument. Find out why ...

Custom pickups
If you want a custom pickup, for your modern, classical, baroque or medieval instrument as if you are building your own musical instrument, you can visit TAV Pickups.

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